How to do Sperm Count Tests


A lot of people still think that when a couple can’t bear a child, it will be the woman that is infertile and that it will never be the man’s problem. Over decades of talking about infertility, it has always been the female that is being focused over the discussion. But it is a fact that over half of the times that a couple can’t bear a child is because of the man and he being infertile. So, now it is time that you know what causes a man to become infertile. There is in fact a lot of factors that can cause a man to become infertile. This will be about the man’s sperm count. But before you get to know the causes of that, you have to understand what exactly is infertility.

When a couple is trying to bear a child and within a year they still can’t conceive one even with unprotected intercourse, there is something wrong already. That is because most people will be able to bear a child in that time given, a year is enough. And doctors would suggest that couples that can’t do that within a year should have assessment over for fertility issues. The cause for men would be some hormone disorders or trauma over the reproductive anatomy, and also low sperm count will be a major factor for infertility for men. To learn more about sperm count test, visit

So, if you are having issues with conceiving, the sperm test on phone would be perfect for you, it could possibly help you find out why you and your partner can’t bear a child. Yes. And there is also a new product of technology that will also allow you to do the sperm count test on your smartphone. This can be embarrassing for men, it is a fact but the sooner you know about the problem, the sooner you can begin with the treatment that would help you bear a child.

You can visit the urologist to start with the assessment and start with some basic procedures like interviews and examinations. A lot of doctors will have different treatment and approach to address the problem and also to evaluate it, besides the sperm test at home, there are also other methods of finding out what exactly is the issue. The bottom line is that you have to go as soon as possible so that there will still be a huge chance that you and your partner can enjoy a life with a child with you.


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